Menorah Mission School offers a 10-month course that provides an education in biblical topics, health, evangelism, leadership and agriculture. The curriculum consists of classes, described below, and practical activities to equip students with both comprehensive knowledge and experience in those areas. The aim of the course is to prepare students for missionary work and to lead them closer to Christ, in Whom their character will grow.

The program includes more than 100 hours dedicated to in-dept study and practical application, in which the students will have an opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the material presented and practiced in class.

To allow students to gain further knowledge and experience in the field they feel specifically called to, two curriculums are made available. They differ in some of the topics covered in class and in the hours of practice. The two curriculums are Bible Evangelism (BE) and Health Evangelism (HE).

Students who feel called to Bible Evangelism will have additional hours to gain a deeper experience in preaching and teaching the Word of God. Students that choose Health Evangelism will develop their knowledge and skills in massage, hydrotherapy and other practical health areas. The students will not have to choose the curriculum immediately, but must do so within the first two months of course.

All classes are taught in English.

"Let the living gospel be taught in our schools. Let students be educated in its principles, that they may be prepared to impart the truth to others. Let them learn to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of those whom they will meet in their work. By the ministry of the word the gospel is preached; by medical missionary work the gospel is practiced. The gospel is bound up with medical missionary work. Neither is to stand alone, bound up in itself" "Manuscript Releases", vol. 13, p. 303

Program Start and end date

August 27th 2019 - June 22nd 2020


To read the description of each class, click on the specific class name.

Class name Curriculum Hours

Bible Topics

How to Study the Bible

As an introduction to the Bible, this class will cover its inspiration, trustworthiness and the basics on how to study, understand and interpret it.

10 hours

Bible Doctrines

The students will study and explore the core teachings of Scripture and how to share these doctrines in a meaningful, attractive and Christ-centered way. Students will also learn how to answer main objections to them.

42 hours

Personal Evangelism

This class will cover different methods to awaken spiritual interest and will teach students how to write and share Bible studies. The students will learn the principles of soul winning and the art of leading people to take decisions for Christ. Practical instruction will also cover the planning and implementation of the complete cycle of evangelism.

30 hours


In this class, the students will learn the principles on how to prepare and present powerful sermons using a variety of preaching tools and styles. The class will include practice in the preparation and delivery of sermons.

16 hours

Public Evangelism

The students will learn how to apply principles from the inspired writings regarding how to plan and preach an evangelistic campaign, leading people to Christ and helping them to stay connected with Him.

  16 hours

Plan of Redemption

The big picture; the central theme of Scripture; the plan of redemption as understood in the frame of the great controversy motif. Students will get insights into the controversy from its inception in the heavenly courts to its final consummation – the end of evil and the new earth. We will study the experience and concepts related to salvation in the life of the believer such as justification, sanctification and victory over temptation.

34 hours


The sanctuary, as presented in the Bible, gives a unique understanding of the plan of salvation. Every article of furniture, ritual and annual feast will be studied in both type and antitype, giving an understanding of Christ’s ministry through the sanctuary service.

16 hours


This class will be an in-depth, chapter by chapter study of the book of Daniel. A great portion of the class will be devoted to the explanation of the prophetic chapters of the book, understanding their fulfillment in history and importance for our time.

24 hours


This class will be an in-depth, chapter by chapter study of the book of Revelation. Students will get an understanding of the book through an examination of its historical, present, and future fulfillments. We will speak of the importance of the prophetic heritage on which are founded the message and purpose of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

32 hours

Church History

This class gives an overview of church history from the first century onward. The flow of events in the formation, deformation, and reformation of the Christian church will be covered, focusing on the lives of those who faithfully kept the flame of truth alive throughout the centuries.

12 hours

Adventist History

This class covers the big picture of Seventh-day Adventist Church history, beginning with the Millerite movement until present time.

14 hours

Spirit of Prophecy

An investigation on the role of the Gift of Prophecy in biblical times and the life and ministry of Ellen G. White, in modern times. The tests and functions of a prophet will be examined. Answers will be given to the main objections raised against her ministry and prophetic gift.

16 hours

Health topics

God's Healing Plan

This class will focus on God's original plan for health, how sin corrupted it, and biblical principles to restore health. We will unveil the differences between true and false remedies from both inspired writings and science.

10 hours

Laws of Health

The students will learn about the laws of health as presented in the inspired writings: nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest and trust in God. We will study how these laws influence the chemistry and functions of our body, and how they can be implemented in order to enjoy a healthful lifestyle.

10 hours

Physiology and Lifestyle Diseases

In this class the healthy functioning of the body will be explained, showing how lifestyle can positively or negatively impact our physical, mental, and spiritual health. The connection between lifestyle and diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, will be presented.

22 hours


This class will teach the students about the basics of anatomy, the different techniques used in Swedish massage and their healthful effects on the body. Students will spend most of the class in the practice of these techniques.

45 hours

Health Talks

In this class, students will learn the role of the health message as an entering wedge for public evangelism. We'll study and practice how to effectively present health topics in a public setting.

  8 hours

Charcoal and Poultices

Students will learn how to produce and use activated charcoal and different poultices, to help the body in restoring a healthful condition.

  14 hours


The use of water in any of its three forms, internally or externally, is called hydrotherapy. This class will give theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to perform water treatments to boost different functions of the body.

24 hours

Basic Nursing

In this class, students will learn skills on how to take care of non-independent patients and how to support patients with different levels of autonomy. Topics such as hygiene, wound-care, and the use of simple diagnostic tools will be covered.

  6 hours

Introduction to Natural Remedies

This class provides an overview of various basic natural remedies that can aid in health recovery and boost the bodily functions.

6 hours

Natural Remedies

A deeper look at the many powerful, natural agents created by God and how they can be used to treat different diseases.

32 hours


This class will present the physiological requirements of the body, functions of macro and micronutrients, as well as other more specific topics. Students will study the benefits of a plant-based diet.

16 hours

Mind Cure and Stress

In this class, students will study the interconnection and influence of the mind with the body and the laws by which they are governed.

16 hours


In this class, students are introduced to "God's Pharmacy" and learn how to choose, prepare, and manage herbs and plants to treat disorders and diseases.

16 hours

Christian Education topics

Christian Living

This class will address and outline Biblical principles at the foundation of every choice that a Christian is called to make in his/her daily life. Topics such as relationships, stewardship, recreation, dress, music, order, and cleanliness will be covered, showing how we can be both blessed and a blessing in following these principles.

21 hours

Principles of Teaching

An introduction to the growing range of teaching skills needed to meet diverse learning needs when teaching or lecturing on biblical and/or health topics.

20 hours

Church Organization

An introduction to the history of the organization of the Seventh-day Adventist church until present. This class also covers the current structure and functioning of the Seventh-day Adventist church on a world-wide and local level.

6 hours

True Education

Students will acquire a deeper knowledge of God’s original plan of education for His children. Discover the means and methods by which He has intended to train His representatives on Earth, presenting the dynamic relationship between education and salvation.

10 hours

Self-Supporting Ministry

Students will be introduced to the biblical concepts of self-supporting work and of outpost centers as described in the writings of Ellen G. White. Modern and contemporary examples of these concepts in action will be presented.

8 hours

Additional hours of practice

Practice in preaching and teaching

Students have the opportunity to further practice the right use of the diaphragm, public reading, preparation and delivery of sermons and classes on biblical topics.

  32 ore

Practice in hydrotherapy and massage

Students have the opportunity to further practice massage techniques and hydrotherapy treatments learned during the classes.

  32 ore

Practical Training

We believe that education should be both theorical and practical thus, we do our best to balance the two during the course. Generally, theoretical and/or practical classes are held in the mornings and afternoons focus on practical training. Practical training may include gardening, plant-based cooking, baking, sewing, house keeping, various outreach activities and more.

Mission Trip

During the 10-month program, students have the opportunity to serve as missionaries in a foreign country. It is a blessed time where they can share and apply the knowledge gained during the course, have an out-of-the-comfort-zone experience, a wonderful opportunity to grow in character, and see their lives and the lives of others changed.
The mission trip will last for 5 weeks and will occur in the beginning of 2020; location is to be determined and will be communicated to the students at the beginning of the course.

Guest Teachers may include:

  • Dr. Jochen Hawlitschek
  • Christopher Kramp
  • David Meiß
  • Rositsa Dobreva
  • Joakim Hjortland
  • Daniele Oriente